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Bluetooth  Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness  Stereo Headset
Bluetooth  Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness  Stereo Headset
Bluetooth  Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness  Stereo Headset
Bluetooth  Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness  Stereo Headset
Bluetooth  Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness  Stereo Headset

Bluetooth Mini In-Ear Wireless Fitness Stereo Headset

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We have the perfect solution for you! Our brand-new state-of-the-art Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds!
Our new Earbuds are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled up, or accidentally getting them yanked from your ears.
They’re extremely easy to operate – pairing them with your phone or other device is a cinch and it only takes a tap or 2 to change songs, turn the volume up or down, and MORE!

Our Fitness Earbuds are simple, stylish and fully practical. Their attractive, but covert design fits perfectly with your wardrobe, and doesn’t draw attention to itself.
They fit comfortably, won’t fall out, hold a long charge and allow you to easily change your tunes and take calls on-the-go!
Our Fitness Earbuds are an exceptional gift for exercise enthusiasts and are essential for people who are always on the move, like business-people, students and frequent travelers!

The Perfect Solution If You Always Have to Untangle Your Headphones!
Have tangle-free stereo sound wherever you go – walking, hiking, biking, running or working out at the gym!
Our Waterproof Fitness Earbuds use Bluetooth technology to transmit music from your phone or tablet, whether your device is in your gym bag, purse, pocket or strapped around your arm.
Our Earbuds are designed with water-repellent materials to keep moisture out, so you can train as hard as you want, and sweat worry-free of ruining your earbuds.
They’re constructed with wingtips that are comfortable for your ears but also make it difficult for them slip out at inconvenient times. They stay in even when you’re active!

Extremely Easy To Use!

Here’s how to easily use your new Waterproof Fitness Earbuds:
After you’ve paired your earbuds with your device, you can perform a number of necessary tasks straight from your earbuds, without having to take out your device!
Play or pause music – Tap once
Next track – Tap twice
Previous track – Tap 3 times
Answer call or end call – Tap twice
Our Fitness Earbuds allow for a whopping 4 hours of playback time! They keep the music going as long as you’re going!
And if the battery runs low and there’s no power source in sight, don’t panic! Our Earbuds come with a unique carrying case that’s stealth, fashionable, and also doubles as a charging station!
Once you charge your charging station for 1 hour, it can be used to charge your earbuds 3 times! As long as you continue to charge your station, it can easily charge your earbuds on-the-go anytime, wherever you are – at work, at school, at the airport, at the park, out shopping, on a road trip, anywhere!


Wireless – no untangling, no tripping, no wires getting caught when cycling!
High quality stereo sound in both ears!
Attractive, stylish, but also covert and comfortable design!
Sweat-resistant and weather-resistant – perfect for fitness enthusiasts and people on the move!
Easy to use – tap the earbuds themselves to play music, take calls, adjust the volume and MORE!
Built with wingtips to comfortably prevent them slipping out of your ears, even when you’re active!
Comes with convenient carry case that doubles as a charging station
Features noise-cancelling capabilities
Compatible with iPhone / Android / Tablets / Laptops / Computer

Package Include:

  • 2X Bluetooth Earbuds

  • 1X Charger Dock

  • 1X User Manual

  • 1X Charging Cable

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