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How to Order

Simply follow these 6 easy steps to place an order with us: 

Step 1 

Log in or create account


Create account


Click on “log in or create account”.

Fill in your detail information.

Click on “Create”.

Log in account


Click on “log in or create account”.

Fill in your email address and your password.

Click on “Sign In”.

Step 2

Add some item(s) into your Shopping Cart


①Select the size, color,style or quantity.

②Click on “Add to Cart”.



Step 3

Check out when item selection is completed.


①Click the Cart button to review the item(s) selected and make some modifications if necessary.

②Click on “Check Out” if you are ready to place the order. Otherwise, click “Continue shopping”.

Step 4

Complete shipping and billing information.


①Fill in your personal Email.

②Fill in your personal details and address.

③Apply a Discount code.

④Click on “Continue to shipping method”.


Step 5

Confirm shipping costs


①Click on “Continue to payment method”.


Step 6

Select your payment method and complete the order process.


①PayPal/Credit Card/Cash on Delivery(COD).

②Click 'Complete order'.


*If you choose 'Cash On Delivery' as the payment method,additional $6≈22.5 SAR will be charged upon delivery for COD handing cost.
*We will begin to process your order upon receipt of your payment and an email will be sent to you for order confirmation then.
*You may check order in your account on our site.Logistics information will be updated in the mail
*If you have any questions about your order, please contact